Why Touchstones

Discover how easy to use and cost effective people management tools can help
drive greater 'bottom line' commercial success by:

  • Reducing

    • Reduced Employee Turnover (Save at least 5% of your current payroll cost)
    • Reduced Recruitment Costs
    • Reduced Training Costs
    • Better ROI on Training Expenditure
    • Better Quality Recruitment (Getting The Right People On The Bus)
  • Increasing

    • Increased Talent Retention
    • Elevated Positive Discretionary Conduct
    • Reduced Loss of Intellectual Property
    • Increased Management Effectiveness
    • Performance Based Work Culture
    • More Accurate Position Descriptions
  • Stronger

    • Clear and concise Two-way Communication
    • Clear Corporate Vision/Mission
    • A Handle on the Organisational Culture
    • Effective Succession Planning