Intelligent Solutions

With a fully integrated array of Human Resource Management tools for you to choose from, Touchstone are at the ready to provide you with the people management support that you need to achieve your unique commercial objectives.

HR Touchstones is an HRM Suite for the organization that understands the value of effective people management but doesn’t have the scale or desire to establish a separate HR function.

Our aim is to provide small to medium sized enterprises with the tools and know how to establish effective people management as a competitive advantage in the early stages of development.

Establishing healthy people management practices early rather than finding out too late the true cost of high employee turnover and poor levels of employee engagement. Embed quality people management practices in your management and supervisory team early so they can grow their teams with confidence and clarity and leverage off positively motivated, trained, focused and committed teams to drive productivity and effective cost management.

We want to help build leaders of organisations that have quality people management in their DNA not organizations that want to ‘bolt it on’ when the inevitable effects of poor people management start to take effect. We want you to be the leader that you want to be and to drive the organizational culture that you know will service your customers with care, diligence, flexibility and confidence.

If you want something that you’ve never had, you have to do something that you’ve never done.