Commercial Benefits

  • A fully integrated modular suite of easy to use HR tools that allow managers to launch initiatives and get results quickly
  • The ability to start slow and build your HRM capabilities at a rate that suits your needs
  • Sophisticated enough tools to provide for organizational and manager growth
  • Build manager capability and employee engagement.
  • Build positive discretionary conduct and reduce turnover costs *
  • A ‘no fuss’ approach to getting the very best out of everyone within your organization

*What is Positive Discretionary Conduct?

This is a term that refers to the extraordinarily important choice that employees make regarding their job, when no one is watching or monitoring what is being done. Employees frequently have a choice as to whether they take ‘little’, ‘some’ or ‘a great deal’ of care in the completion of their duties. Making sure that employees always act in the best interests of the organization is of enormous value both in terms of productivity and organizational culture.